It is our pleasure to inform you that ‘Network of Asia and Pacific Producers (NAPP)’ in association with the ‘European Commission (EU)’ is organizing a ‘Fairtrade Sugar Talk’ between ‘Fairtrade Leaders’ on:-

Leveraging Fairtrade Model for Market Expansion and Diversification for the growth of Fairtrade Sugar.

When: 30th September 2020; Wednesday at 10: 30 AM IST

Where: Goto Webinar; Webinar ID: 582-376-283

Moderated by Monika Berresheim-Kleinke, Global Products Manager- Fairtrade International

The 120-minute talk show will focus its discussion on: –

  • Challenges and opportunities in the production and trade of sugar.
  • Benefits of Fairtrade Model- Long term sustainable business partnership, FT Premium impacts, addressing inequalities in trade to drive a more inclusive business model.
  • Leveraging Fairtrade Model for expanding and diversifying the market for Fairtrade sugar:- exploring options for secondary products such as jaggery, molasses, biofuels, etc and South to South trade with the support of National and Fairtrade Marketing Organizations.

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