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Parry Agro Industries

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The Parry Agro Industries Ltd established the Iyerpadi and Paralai estates in the year 1991. The estates got Fairtrade certified in the year 2004. Out of 1200 workers in the estates 757 are women and 446 men. Out of total 1000 MT of annual Fairtrade Teas production 20% is sold. The estate is also certified Organic and by Rainforest Alliance. The estate produces black orthodox, black CTC, green teas, white tea and green tea orthodox. Dust, SFD, SRD, FD, GD, RD, PF, BOP, BOPS and PD grades of CTC are available along with TGFOP, STGFOP, BPS, TFP, TFBOP, TGBOP, GBOP, BOPF and BOPD grades of Orthodox.
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