Fairtrade NAPP participated at the Seoul International Cafe Show – Asia’s prominent Coffee Event and the most specialized coffee exhibition in Korea from 23rd – 26th Nov, 2022 in Seoul, South Korea. Since 2002, Cafe Show has played the role of a pioneer of new coffee culture and trends in Asia for global coffee leaders and coffee lovers all over the world. The show preserves the largest network of cafe industry-related professionals and attracts a large number of business-related visitors annually hence an ideal platform for showcasing specialty coffee from the NAPP region.

Support was extended for B2B meetings to 02 producer coops from Indonesia: Arinagata Coop represented by the chairman Ara Siberani and Mahayana Sari and Permata Gayo represented by Adinda Karina Renggali.

There were organised meetings by Fairtrade Korea with over 17 potential traders and buyers such as: Mandeling Coffee Korea, McNulty, Bless Bean, NKG Korea, Volcafe, White Clover US, Finches Coffee, Dutch and Bean among others. The producers in turn also met the top exhibitors and shared their coffee samples.

46 samples of Fairtrade coffee from Latin America, Africa, and Asia and Pacific were cupped in 9 Coffee Cupping sessions at the booth out of which 4 samples were selected from Indonesia and 2 samples from India.

Through the exposure, the SPO representatives have gained knowledge of the market expectations and demand. Through business meetings, SPOs have developed their business network by exchanging their contact with potential traders whom they met.

On Nov 23, Fairtrade Korea, on behalf of the donor, Incheon Samsung Childcare Center, delivered a total of 8 Fairtrade soccer balls to 3 Small Producer Organizations and 3 Producer Networks; NAPP, CLAC and Africa. This fund was raised by the children’s family of Incheon Samsung Childcare Center in the early November at the fundraising event of Fairtrade product sales.

Fairtrade Korea and KWFCJ (Korean Woman’s Federation for Consumer of Jeonju City) had a 10-sewing machine donation ceremony and delivered them to two Indonesian Small Producer Organizations who attended the Seoul Café Show. The donated sewing machines are  fundraised   by the volunteers of the Fairtrade Nanum Café, which KWFCJ operates in its Center, and the first   partnership of KWFCJ with Fairtrade Korea started as a Fairtrade café partner. Its women consumer members also visited Korea Fairtrade Center for Fairtrade training and advocacy earlier in the year.

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