In Vietnam, as the Fairtrade producers face challenges in building their own branding, they find it difficult to access the international market. Most of the producers rely heavily on traders. Therefore, a need has been identified to build the branding for the cooperatives and develop new products to access the market for increasing the income and sales of the cooperative.

While the productivity of Vietnam is high, its coffee quality is not the top quality or the first choice of buyers. To get premium coffee quality it was necessary for the producers to master the post-harvesting process.

Through the support of the Fairtrade Coffee Development Plan12 Coffee Producers were introduced to 16 processing methods followed by discussions to select methods of processing key products based on the factors best suitable to the environmental conditions such as the current facilities of the farmers, processing knowledge of farmers, current market demand.

Chon- the Chairman of Ea Nam cooperative mentions 

I appreciate the training for guiding me on how to increase the value of my coffee. I have 20 years of experience in planning and processing coffee but I have just followed the experiences of others, without knowing why should I do that. Through this training, I now understand why, and I will apply the knowledge this season to produce a premium quality coffee that I can be proud of.

Post the training the participants have now mastered the post-harvesting process and are ready to process their coffee at the cooperative. They will also continue to receive support from the trainer in processing coffee during the harvest of 2022 and 2023.

The producer organisations will be sending their coffee samples to the Amazing cup of Vietnam Championship 2023 to check their coffee quality.

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