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Coffee is a key commodity in Southeast Asia, with total coffee exports from ASEAN worth US$ 6.2 billion in 2017 or about 16 percent of world coffee exports. The region produces over 25 percent of the world’s green beans and includes the second and fourth largest coffee producers – Vietnam and Indonesia, respectively, which together cultivate on almost two million hectares.

Women are key players in Southeast Asia coffee value chains, particularly in the production of high-quality Arabica. While there are promising opportunities to grow and expand the role of women-led businesses in the coffee value chain, there are also considerable challenges, notably limited access to finance and large-scale, international buyers. USAID Green Invest Asia is connecting women-led coffee businesses, global buyers, and financial institutions active in the coffee sector.

NAPP Program Officer- Philippines creating awareness for Fairtrade and promoting FT Coffee from the region

On 29th August Network of Asia and Pacific Producers (NAPP) participated at the – Regional Coffee Forum held in Philippines, South East Asia. The networking event was organised by USAID Green Invest Asia, in collaboration with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance and the Philippine Coffee Board. It convened more than 60 buyers, producers, capital providers and other actors involved in the coffee supply chains for a curated match-making event and to discuss how to ensure a reliable supply of sustainable coffee in Southeast Asia.

Companies from three countries – Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia – attended, including two of the world’s largest coffee buyers. The event showcased six women-owned businesses and facilitated knowledge exchange by capitalizing on the experience of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance in the region.

The main objective for the participation of the team from NAPP were:

  • Creating an awareness for Fairtrade
  • Displaying and promoting a diverse range of Fairtrade coffees from across the Asia Pacific Region
  • Representing women coffee cooperatives in Asia and Pacific Region in order to strengthen their linkages and facilitate knowledge and information exchange on their behalf by capitalizing on the experience of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance in Southeast Asia,
  • Showcase best practices from the region in producing and sourcing sustainable coffee;
  • Facilitating connections among producers, buyers, and potential sources of capital;
  • Identifying potential areas for partnership in promoting sustainable coffee value chain


The Conference were followed by side programs on cupping sessions and Field visits.

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