English is vital for global communication, offering a common language for diverse cultures. It facilitates international trade, academic exchanges, and cultural understanding. It empowers individuals with access to a wealth of information and opportunities. Proficiency in English enhances career prospects and fosters connections in our increasingly interconnected world. In partnership with the National Institute of Language, Fairtrade NAPP implemented a 3-month virtual spoken English course under the Youth Knowledge Hub Project. This initiative was conducted to fulfil the requirements of youth participants from Fairtrade NAPP’s youth knowledge hub program. Hailing from regions like Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu, and Uttar Pradesh, 10 youths involved in diverse pursuits like education, employment, and agriculture participated in the classes to gain effective communication skills.

The objective of the spoken English class was to enhance the English proficiency and self-assurance of the participating youth in effective communication in English. Initially, the youth had a basic grasp of spoken English but lacked confidence. After three months of intensive training, they completed the course and exhibited remarkable improvements in their English-speaking abilities. Throughout the duration of the program, the youths demonstrated substantial progress in their English skills by overcoming their initial hesitance and displaying notable proficiency by the end.

I can see my improvement journey in the English language. Earlier I knew some basic words in English. Despite knowing the tenses, I didn’t know how to use them in complex sentences. Now after taking online classes regularly at NIL (National Institute of Language), I have gained much calibre to do conversation in English fluently with anyone without any hesitation. I have learnt a high vocabulary and the use of causative verbs. A special thank Fairtrade NAPP for selecting me as the candidate for the youth knowledge hub program. In addition, I would also like to thank Fairtrade NAPP for giving us this opportunity to enhance our abilities. I am thanking you from the core of my heart.”

-Aina Dhyani, Nature Bio Foods Ltd – Fair Farming Foundation Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

Key Outcomes:

1. Increased Self-Assurance: The youth developed confidence in expressing themselves in English, overcoming initial hesitations and fear of mistakes. They demonstrated improved proficiency, leading to more effective communication.

2. Expanded Vocabulary: The program enriched the participants’ vocabulary, equipping them with a broader range of words for enhanced communication. They gained exposure to diverse vocabulary, enabling more fluent expression.

3. Enhanced Fluency: The classes emphasized fluency which led to improved spoken English fluency among the youth.

4. Improved Pronunciation: Pronunciation received significant attention in the classes. This resulted in noticeable enhancements in the participants’ pronunciation skills.

5. Enhanced Communication Skills: Interactive sessions helped the youth communicate their ideas and thoughts confidently and coherently.

6. Comprehensive Learning: The classes covered various aspects of spoken English, including pronunciation, grammar, and conversational techniques, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

I am extremely grateful for the English classes. In addition to my earlier knowledge of the basics of English, I got a chance to enhance my vocabulary and self-confidence in speaking a language in public despite this not being my first language. I am also grateful for the amazing teachers who were kind enough to comply with my needs and assess me correctly. This will help me do a better job at speaking and writing. It was a great experience learning from the teachers along with my friends of mine. Thank you.”

– Ananya Tandon, Kisan Samridhi Society, Jammu.

The Youth Knowledge Hub Project’s Virtual Spoken English Classes yielded significant advantages for the participants. Engaged in studying, working, and farming, the youths showcased impressive advancements in their spoken English abilities, resulting in heightened confidence and an expanded vocabulary. The collaboration with the National Institute of Language played a crucial role in delivering effective and comprehensive learning experiences.

The participating youths from the respective Fairtrade producer organisations have shown remarkable progress in their spoken English skills. They have gained confidence, learned new vocabulary, improved fluency, and enhanced their pronunciation. The success of this programme is a testament to the commitment of NAPP Fairtrade and the Youth Knowledge Hub Project to empower youths with valuable skills.


1. “The English spoken class has helped us in improving our English skills. Earlier if someone spoke to me in English, I couldn’t understand. Now, I am in a position where I can converse in English. Thank you, Fairtrade NAPP.”

– Jaihind Patel, Ecopure Producer Company Limited, Chhatarpur, MP

2. “I am extremely grateful to Fairtrade NAPP for providing me with an amazing platform to learn and enhance my English language skills. Through their spoken classes, I have not only learned English spoken but also increased my confidence in speaking the language fluently. The classes have helped me develop a high vocal range and improved my communication skills significantly. Thank you, Fairtrade NAPP.”

– Sachin Kumar Verma, Gwalior Boswellia Serrata Producer Company Limited, Madhya Pradesh.

3. “The journey has been transformative, as I’ve witnessed a remarkable boost in my confidence while speaking English. The classes have been instrumental in refining my vocal skills that enabled me to articulate myself with clarity and poise. Moreover, my communication has improved significantly. Thanks to Fairtrade NAPP.”

– Manisha Verma, Gwalior Boswellia Serrata Producer Company Limited, Madhya Pradesh

4. “With this course, I was able to clear many doubts I had regarding the English language. Now I can talk more fluently in English with anyone, without any hesitation. I thank Fairtrade NAAP from the bottom of my heart. I hope Fairtrade will give us more such opportunities to move forward in life. Thank you.”

– Neelam Salhotra, Kisan Samridhi Society, Jammu.

5. “Thank you very much for providing me with the opportunity to learn the English course. Before taking the course, I was very afraid of speaking in English. After taking this course I have learned a lot about the language, including new words, and the pronunciation of words. This has increased my confidence in speaking English. I again express my gratitude to Fairtrade NAPP.”

– Pooja Patel, Ecopure Producer Company Limited, Chhatarpur, MP.

6. “First, I would like to thank Fairtrade NAPP for providing us with English classes under the youth knowledge hub program. Before taking English classes, I used to face difficulty in speaking English. In English classes, we were taught to give presentations to develop confidence in speaking English. This helped me to improve my pronunciation, grammar, and high vocabulary and to be confident while speaking English. Today, I can speak English using high vocabulary terms, give a presentation, and gain confidence in speaking English.”

– Akash Bisht, Nature Bio Foods Ltd – Fair Farming Foundation Ramnagar, Uttarakhand.

7. “If I talk about my level of spoken English, I could speak and understand very little English earlier. However, in these three months of English classes, I was able to learn new words and make sentences. In addition, my confidence level has also improved through this English class. In the end, I would like to Thank the YKHP program and Fairtrade NAPP from the bottom of my heart because this program has helped me to improve my English while acquiring much new information.”

– Bhumika Bajwal, Nature Bio Foods Ltd – Fair Farming Foundation Ramnagar, Uttarakhand.

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