Taking courses on agribusiness and agri-entrepreneurship is crucial in understanding the intricate interaction between agriculture and commerce for fostering sustainable practices that ensure food security. These courses equip individuals with the skills to navigate modern agricultural challenges, optimize resource utilization, and contribute to rural economies’ growth. Ultimately, they empower professionals to innovate and lead in a dynamic and vital sector that impacts both global markets and local communities. Hence, Fairtrade NAPP has organized an E-Learning Course on Agribusiness and agri-entrepreneurship under the Youth Knowledge Hub Project. The course was a part of the E-learning curriculum under the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations E-Learning Academy.

The objective of the course was to equip young individuals with indispensable skills and expertise for success in the agricultural sector. The curriculum was meticulously designed to offer holistic perspectives on agribusiness, entrepreneurship, and sustainable-friendly farming techniques. A cohort of 15 motivated youths actively participated in the course while demonstrating their commitment by proficiently completing all modules and assignments. Furthermore, the course brought global expertise and valuable resources that facilitated the utilization of top-tier educational materials. This helped in enriching the participants’ learning experience. After successfully meeting all course prerequisites, every attendee was granted a duly earned “Certificate of Achievement” issued by the FAO E-Learning Academy.

Accomplishing this course marks another significant achievement within the framework of the Youth Knowledge Hub Project (YKHP). This strengthens the capacity-building of young individuals engaged in agriculture. The acquired expertise gained by the participants will play a pivotal role in fostering the advancement and evolution of the agribusiness domain.


The e-learning course has provided me with a wealth of practical business experience. I’ve learned crucial skills such as pricing our products effectively and devising strategies to initiate and expand our business within the market. This has been an immensely valuable learning journey for me, and I extend my sincere gratitude to NAPP for offering this opportunity. – Suram Singh

“The agribusiness course was a great opportunity for me. Learning about how the process works to make an agribusiness plan, it has helped me learn more about the topic and has opened another door of opportunity for me as I got the opportunity to understand the process and making agribusiness plans among others.” – Ananya Tandon

“I have gained a comprehensive understanding of various aspects through the e-learning course. I now possess a clear comprehension of the true definitions of agribusiness and agipreneurship in addition to the strategies for business growth. Furthermore, I have developed skills in identifying and addressing business challenges, grasping market dynamics, and catering to consumer demands. The course has equipped me with the ability to spot business prospects within the market. I am grateful for the invaluable knowledge I’ve acquired, which will undoubtedly benefit me in my future professional endeavours. My heartfelt gratitude goes to the organization NAPP for spearheading this insightful e-learning initiative.” – Surendra Patel

“This course represents the culmination of our needs in the field. I am actively engaged in learning various topics through an e-learning course. I am delighted, as this course has provided me with numerous insightful ideas.” – Umesh Kumar

“I received a lot of information about business operations through this e-learning course. Through this course, I learned how to identify the market and how to develop a good business.” – Bhumika Bajwal

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