The Specialty Coffee Expo offers a diverse array of opportunities for everyone involved in the coffee industry. It provides opportunities for everyone including right from roasters and retailers showcasing their products to food and beverage professionals exploring innovative coffee offerings, and coffee enthusiasts immersing themselves in competitions and educational programs. The Expo, meticulously curated by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), serves as a hub for networking, learning, and business growth, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders in the coffee market.


Propelled by their desire to elevate the esteemed arabica and robusta of their region to unparalleled heights, the Fairtrade NAPP delegation participated to originate contagious excitement in the crowded corridors of the Specialty Coffee Association Expo 2024. Infused with the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee, Fairtrade NAPP, wit their h 5 producer organizations, namely, Eatu Fair Services and Agricultural co-operative, Malenadu Savayava Krishi Parivar, Koperasi Ratu Ketiara Gayo, Green Gold Cooperative, Sahyadri Organic Small Farmers Consortium transformed their booth  into a haven of olfactory delights that transported visitors on a sensory journey. The story of every coffee bean was conveyed with every sip by transporting customers on a sensory journey of flavours, created with care by the experts of the region, while advocating for Fairtrade practices. In addition, the engaging seminars and conversations shed light on Fairtrade’s positive impact on communities, sparking discussions and fostering appreciation for ethical sourcing. While the Expo was taking place, the Fairtrade NAPP delegates indulged themselves on information throughout the seminars on futuristic technologies and market trends that might change the coffee industry forever. They made an unforgettable impression on the business with their contagious enthusiasm and willingness to work together, creating better times for everyone present at the expo.

“Success in the coffee business isn’t just about making great beans; it’s also about building relationships, promoting sustainability, and helping communities. It’s an honour to be a part of this journey, and I promise to keep up the highest standards of quality, honesty, and social duty.” – Truong Huy Chinh, Eatu Fair Services and Agricultural co-operative.

The Fairtrade NAPP’s appearance at the Specialty Coffee Association Expo 2024 had a big and varied effect right away. Through engaging stories and sensory experiences, they not only refined people’s appetites but showcased the benefits of Fairtrade on the communities. Fairtrade NAPP persisted in its pursuit of new collaborations by reaching out to large corporations, smaller businesses, specialty roasters and boutique shops for laying the groundwork for potential collaborations and market expansion. These connections, which were strengthened by the event’s busy atmosphere, paved the way for future partnerships and chances to grow the market. With the help of Fairtrade America, they explored the possibilities into the USA market to find prospects and cultivate connections. The delegate’s hard work paid off when they reached a promising deal to export Fairtrade roasted robusta after meeting with prospective buyers in the expo.

The Speciality Coffee Expo proved to be an excellent opportunity to connect with commercial partners, retailers, brands, roasters among others while strengthening relationship with existing Fairtrade customers. Looking ahead, follow-up activities include supporting cooperatives in nurturing connections made at the Expo for further collaboration and expanding market reach. The Expo not only showcased and developed visibility of high-quality specialty robusta and arabica from the region but also underscored their commitment to Fairtrade standards. While encountering logistical and legal challenges, the delegates remain resilient by viewing obstacles as opportunities for growth and lasting influence. This project not only creates new ways for the market to grow, but it also makes Fairtrade NAPP even more well-known as a leader in the global coffee business for promoting fair and honest trade. This positioned them as leaders in the global coffee industry. Through activism, education, and unwavering dedication, the Fairtrade NAPP delegation continues to champion fair and ethical trade practices, paving the way for a more sustainable and equitable coffee market.

“The Global Specialty Coffee Expo has everything for everyone in the coffee world. Roasters and Retailers could attend and have the opportunity to exhibit their products on the show floor, network with the industry’s decision makers, and further their professional careers by participating in the SCA’s numerous lectures, labs or certificate programs. For me personally, SCAA is all about building network, understand the problems of other producer network, getting exposure and discuss challenges with traders. Overall, it is a very interactive and learning experience. Thanks to Fairtrade NAPP for providing such opportunity to participate in such global expo.” – Siddarth Hedge, Malenadu Savayava Krishi Parivar.

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