After the resounding success of the 2023 Youth Knowledge Hub, the Fairtrade NAPP organized a two-day Launch Meeting in New Delhi, India. With 27 enthusiastic participants, including youth and producer representatives, the event laid the strategic groundwork for the Youth Knowledge Hub Project. The Youth Knowledge Hub project is envisioned as a catalyst for nurturing future leaders and fostering skills and awareness among youth members. This innovative initiative, known as YKHP, will serve as both a virtual and physical platform for transformative growth.

The inaugural session set the stage by imparting foundational knowledge of Fairtrade practices and introducing the organizational structure and operational roles of Fairtrade NAPP. Three primary discussion points anchored the session. These includes –

  1. The organizational structure and role of Fairtrade NAPP: the participants were briefed on how Fairtrade NAPP fits within the larger Fairtrade framework, including its specific role in representing and advancing the Fairtrade movement in Asia and the Pacific region. A breakdown of the organizational structure was presented where the various levels were explained within Fairtrade NAPP.
  2. the mechanics of how Fairtrade functions – The team explained the operational aspect of Fairtrade by focusing on the process that ensures products are ethically sourced and traded. Discussion also touched on the mechanisms in place for overall economic empowerment of producers.
  3. Fair Trade Standards – This session deep dived into the Fairtrade standards, which are central to certification and the integrity of the label. Attention was given to the social, economic, and environmental aspects.

Transitioning to the core objectives, the meeting addressed pivotal aspects that are vital for Fairtrade producers’ prosperity. This includes profit maximization, technological integration, sustainable farming practices and organic cultivation. Attendees were empowered with knowledge to navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and drive positive change within their communities. Additionally, it enhanced the skills, offer solutions to farmers’ challenges, educate about Fairtrade NAPP and the Youth Knowledge Hub, informed the participants about the government schemes, and fostered an understanding of climate change and environmental management.

An interactive session featured the presentation of thematic videos which aligned with the program themes with the interests and needs of youth participants. Discussions following this session culminated into the compilation of a comprehensive compendium and the finalization of templates for forthcoming year initiatives. It covered diverse areas, namely, digital kisan sathi (Technology and Innovation in Agriculture), agri business and value addition, government Schemes, funding support agencies and digital marketing. A field-level activities took the center stage, as youth groups collaborated with each other to tailor initiatives as per the farmers’, women’s, and youth’s specific needs.

The next proposal development session facilitated the discussions on the components of social project development and commercial proposal development. Proposal development sessions equipped participants with the skills to craft impactful projects, fostering enriching discussions and laying the groundwork for future endeavours. Based on the learnings, the participants were divided into 5 groups that proposed several projects to be implemented during this year.

The meeting ended with a firm dedication to maintain the momentum of the Youth Knowledge Hub project. Today, Fairtrade NAPP is determined to realize all planned activities throughout 2024. As we embark on this journey of empowerment and sustainable growth, let us join hands for a collective action to realize the vision of a fairer, more sustainable and equitable future for all.

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