Dear Friends of Fairtrade NAPP,

We extend our sincere gratitude, on behalf of NAPP and its members for your support in this time of need. We have kept all channels of communication open and continue to stay connected with our producer organizations to propose ways for effective crisis management. The majority of our producers with limited funds at their disposal have taken the lead in conducting awareness programs and campaigns, to provide medical supplies and rations to their farmers and workers.

Please click HERE to make the donations to producer members directly. The link will take the user to the home page of “Coping with Crisis; COVID-19”. It is a parallel line of funding to enable donors to choose the members they would like to support and do so swiftly and directly. This will provide small emergency relief activities to be taken up by the members immediately.

  • The Page can also be accessed directly from our website home page through the DONATE NOW button.
  • This page will give the overall health and business impact on our members and initiatives being implemented on the ground. These details will be updated fortnightly
  • At the bottom of this page there will be a link; “Connect to Contribute”.
  • This link will help donors choose from available options across countries, crops, and members.
  • The Donors also need to enter their contact details and consent to share this with their chosen receiver.
  • The response will be recorded and shared with the member (with the donor’s contact details) and with the regional NAPP consultant. The consultant will check and follow up with the member to help (if required) in responding to the donor.
  • Once the connection is made, it will be up to the Donor and Receiver to take it forward. They will decide on the nature and extent of support and modalities of transfer to the member’s registered FTP account. All other requirements from the Donor’s end (report or proof of activities) if any, will be made available directly by the receiver.
  • NAPP will not be involved in any way to influence either the donor or member.

We wish you a gratifying experience!

Be Safe – Stay Connected


Sanjeet Singh Khurana

Chief Operations Officer

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