Have you ever wondered where you can find over 2000 culinary professionals under one roof? Look no further than the Culinary Arts Food Expo in Sri Lanka. This expo has been a premier event that offers a comprehensive journey through the world of food, showcasing everything from intricate production processes to culinary masterpieces. The 2024 edition provided an unmatched experience by bringing together Sri Lanka’s finest chefs to compete and display their culinary prowess in a thrilling three-day event, organized by the Chefs Guild of Sri Lanka.

Fairtrade NAPP aims to contribute to the social and economic strengthening of certified Sri Lankan supply chains by developing profitable, eco-sustainable value chains for small farmers. Trade fairs have proven to be an ideal platform for promoting Fairtrade concepts and values among local consumers, potential stakeholders, and businesses. They also help link producers with prospective buyers and traders in Sri Lanka. Hence, Fairtrade NAPP, along with 4 producer organizations with their licensees participated at the Culinary Arts Food Expo, 2024.

Trade fairs like the Culinary Arts Food Expo serve multiple functions. They provide a platform for Producer Organizations to conduct business, enhance their image, seek trade partners, create market linkages, and build and strengthen networks. This year’s expo stands out as the only event of its kind in the region as it draws over 2000 culinary professionals. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest in food products, services, and cutting-edge technology from around the globe. Covering every aspect of food from processing to consumption across culinary and hospital segments, the expo has been aptly described as the event that encompasses everything “From the Factory to the Table.” For Fairtrade NAPP, has utilized this opportunity to make the most of this trade fair. Hence, Fairtrade NAPP along with its 4 producer organizations were able to introduce the Fairtrade certified products under their brand name to the Sri Lankan consumers. In addition, Fairtrade producers took the opportunity to network with other like-minded producers, buyers, and organizations, which can lead to new partnerships and business opportunities.

Fairtrade NAPP by supporting to participate our supply chains in culinary Expo provided a numerous long-term benefit. It helped Fairtrade producers to showcase their products to a global audience and attract potential buyers from different countries. Expo events brought together industry professionals, buyers, and distributors. Hence, it provided Fairtrade producers with the opportunity to network and establish partnerships with potential business partners. By attending the expo, Fairtrade producers learnt about the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices, which can help them improve their production processes and product quality. Participation in international expos helped Fairtrade producers and licensees improve their brand visibility and reputation in the global and regional market, positioning them as ethical and sustainable producers. The expo provided a platform for Fairtrade producers to explore new business opportunities, expand their market reach, and increase their sales and revenue.

The Culinary Art Food Expo 2024 has been more than just an exhibition; it is a vital event for strengthening Fairtrade certification systems. By participating in such expos, Fairtrade NAPP raised awareness about Fairtrade principles, practices, and standards. It promoted the efforts and services of Fairtrade NAPP as a Regional Fairtrade Producer Network in supporting producer organizations in Sri Lanka. Fairtrade NAPP were also able to educate consumers about the importance and benefits of Fairtrade practices. They were able to share their stories by highlighting how Fairtrade benefits farmers and their communities, promotes sustainability, and ensures ethical production practices. Hence, in this way, Fairtrade NAPP continues to support our producer organizations by navigating and overcoming challenges while promoting ethical and sustainable production practices.


It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our brand and products to Sri Lankan consumers. After successfully exporting to Europe for many years, we have brought the same quality products to the Sri Lankan market with Fairtrade and Organic certificates. The Fairtrade NAPP stall at the Culinary Art Food Expo provided an excellent platform to introduce our Fairtrade certified products under our brand name to the Sri Lankan consumers. We had good sales, reached a wide customer base, and were able to exchange samples for the international market as well. – Thushara Wijesinghe, All Inland Organic Farmers Association.

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