In Fairtrade, the transformative impact of training trainers has been observed to empower entire communities by fostering resilience and innovation at the grassroots level. Investing in educators cultivates a cycle of continuous improvement and advancing towards a fairer and more equitable world. By equipping trainers with essential skills and knowledge, Fairtrade establishes a robust framework for ongoing development and empowerment and drives its mission forward. This commitment is exemplified through two specialized training programs:

The Creative Fabrics – Socio Health and Agriculture Development (SHAD)

The pre-seasonal training program for The Creative Fabrics focused on crop climate resilience production and introduced the new technology of Biochar for soil nourishment. The field staff and ICS producers from 8 villages gained knowledge on Fairtrade standards and best practices under the climate resilience project, implemented this year. An expert from the NGO Sebajagat provided training on the use, application, and demonstration of Biochar technology. Mr. Hemanta Sethi stated that the producers were satisfied with Biochar Technology and Standard’s training. He expressed his immense happiness to witnessed low-cost technologies wonders in field. He assures to implement this technology in fields.

The training program increased awareness about Biochar technology for soil nutrition among field staff and ICS producers. The participants, including Producer organizations’ management members, were motivated to develop small Biochar units at the field level due to the technology’s low cost and significant benefits for soil health and productivity. The eco-friendly nature of Biochar and its impressive results in production and productivity inspired them to implement this technology in the field.

Chetna Organics

The training program for Chetna Organics field staff covered standards for Small Producer Organizations, field implications, documentation, and compliance. Discussions spanned across the production practices, biodiversity, post-harvest methods, and logistics, enhancing governance and readiness for audits. on production, traceability, biodiversity, post-harvest practices, farmer-level documentation, logistics documentation, and addressing non-compliance issues. The staff also received gained knowledge on strengthening institutional governance and participated in a follow-up field visit to the Fairtrade Netherlands project.

“I thank Fairtrade NAPP for guidance and support towards the organization. Also thanked my team mates and colleagues to be present in program.” – Biranchi Sahu, Chetna Organic Agriculture Producer Company Limited (COAPCL)

This enhanced understanding of compliance documentation and governance systems that will help the organization to face audits more smoothly and build strong institutional support. The training equipped the staff with the knowledge to improve documentation and address non-compliance issues effectively, contributing to the overall strengthening of the organization’s governance and operational standards.

“We, the procurement and Project staff thank Fairtrade NAPP for such a detailed guidance. I also thanked my organization for organizing the Training.” – Abhijaan Das, Chetna Organic Agriculture Producer Company Limited (COAPCL)

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