As a part of the Fairtrade-NAPP Strategy to support producers with efficient use of digital technology for effective business development, building visibility, and growth, a  two-day training was designed for 15 participants from Producer Organisations in Pakistan. The prime objectives were to help the producers adopt digital technology in their respective industries and build their digital presence for increasing their sales and revenue, to facilitate them in devising action plans for their respective producer organizations, and to encourage them to divert into the usage of sustainable technology for better business development and growth.

Some of the issues faced by the agriculture and manufacturing industry in the adoption of digital include the lack of awareness about the benefits of ICT, connectivity, network bandwidth, responsibility for the implementation of ISs in the agricultural sector, and lack of motivation to use computers and the internet.


The Day 01 session focussed on Digitization, its importance in manufacturing & agriculture, business model innovation using technology, impact on business growth & outreach, digital platforms, and marketing. At the end of the session, the participants devised a roadmap for digitization for their respective organisations.

The Day 02 had a focused session on the impact of new technologies on the financial services industry. The participants were introduced to the Fairtrade NAPP B2B Platform and its registration process.

The training proved beneficial for the producers in acquiring knowledge and skills in ICT to increase efficiency, productivity, and sustainability, understanding the business model innovation and social media usage to create business presence and brand recognition, learning effective digital marketing tools and strategies to expand outreach at the national, regional, and global level and in employing the best digital banking and financial services for smooth, reliable, and fast transactions




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