Meet, Ananya Tandon from the first batch of Fairtrade NAPP Youth Knowledge Hub from the SPO, Kisan Samriddhi Society, Jammu. With Fairtrade NAPP youth knowledge hub, she cultivated the invaluable skills to be a resilient advocate of the environment. This helped her during her participation in the Final round after clearing the preliminary round of National Environment Youth Parliament-2024.

The National Environment Youth Parliament 2024 is organized by Students for Development (SFD) in partnership with Paryavaran Sanrakshan Gatividhi (PSG). Endorsed by esteemed bodies like AICTE, Ministry of Education India, and UGC, it serves as a cornerstone for environmental stewardship by providing provide a dynamic platform for youth engagement. The initiative encourages inclusive participation from students and young individuals of diverse backgrounds through a range of activities including seminars, workshops, panel discussions, interactive sessions, and policy debates. It seeks to nurture holistic solutions while grooming the next generation of conscious leaders in India.

“Fairtrade taught me how to be confident when speaking. It taught me to express my thoughts clearly, openly and never be hesitant to discuss how I feel about certain topic.”

As the focus of the youth parliament was on the environment and sustainability, she was able to convey her relevant points after the extensive training, learning, and courses from the Fairtrade platform. Upon being selected for the university level, the regional topic centered around climate-smart agriculture. She found it easier as she learnt about this subject via fairtrade initiatives. Hence, Fairtrade provided her with a crucial platform when she needed it most. Today, she speaks with confidence, guided by her mentors’ valuable support and guidance.

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