Today, Fairtrade has made a steadfast commitment to assisting farmers and producers. Its dedication is evident in its continuous support of producer organizations through vital training programs and activities. This is evident in the collaboration of 11 small producer organizations (SPOs), especially those recently certified for over three years, as they united to participate in producer training organized by Fairtrade NAPP in China. This initiative focused on delivering post-audit trainings to enhance their capabilities. The program included mentorship on Fairtrade development plans tailored for these organizations, many of which lacked prior experience in this domain. This involves plans, such as premium-financed projects and policies addressing climate change and gender equality. Hence, such trainings encourage more participation from Small Producer Organizations (SPOs) in China.

“The type of training is very friendly to practitioners in the Small Producer Organizations. We have better understanding of SPO principles and how to translate them into action on the ground.” – Jingghong Yu.

A producers’ network meeting was convened to enhance unity among producers and fostering a sense of ownership over Fairtrade as their own organization. The team spearheaded discussions on Fairtrade NAPP governance and Central Asia activities to lay the groundwork for collective action among Chinese producers. Additionally, 5 common audit-related challenges were identified and addressed collaboratively. Furthermore, several SPOs shared

successful strategies for promoting Fairtrade products in their local markets. Notable activities and services in 2024 encompassed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) training, digitalization strategies for pilot producer organizations, and resource mobilization initiatives.

Small Producer Organizations (SPOs) now possess a deeper understanding of the standard. It enables them to effectively address issues highlighted in recent audits. They are well-informed about the upcoming Fairtrade NAPP services in China for 2024 and are prioritizing those that align with their specific needs. Producers actively voiced their needs and challenges, and peer interactions to strengthened their confidence in their Fairtrade businesses. Today, 2 producer organizations have taken the learnings to participate in the Fairtrade Germany funded digitalization project as pilot ones.

“The producer network meeting is organized in a timely manner. It is great way to communicate what is going in Fairtrade NAPP and CR to producers and have their supports for future activities.” – Xinrong Zhao.

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