WE-Exhibit 24 was one of the most pivotal exhibitions organized by the Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry Sialkot (WCCI Sialkot) to showcase the remarkable talent and potential of women entrepreneurs across Pakistan. Through WE-Exhibit 24, women entrepreneurs had a unique platform to interact with potential buyers and showcase their diverse range of products in 2024. The rich diversity and innovation within the women-led business community we showcased as participants from various cities of Pakistan had joined as exhibitors.

An MOU signed between Fairtrade NAPP and Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sialkot to solidify the Fairtrade’s commitment to women empowerment. This collaboration aims to develop synergies, complementary efforts, and share resources for research, advocacy and/or direct initiatives that ensure suitable farming practices and promote sustainable trade and conduct relevant market research.

During the two-day exhibition in march 2024, producers from Sialkot visited our stall, where a team of youth members and producers actively engaged with visitors and sharing information about Fairtrade NAPP’s initiatives. Mr. Muiz Bajwa from South Asian Sourcing, along with other youth ambassadors, has provided valuable insights to the visitors regarding Fairtrade NAPP initiatives.

“We exhibit is a revolutionary movement in inspiring and empowering women in business. Fairtrade received a great deal of support and interest from all producers.”- Muiz Bajwa, South Asian Sourcing (pvt.) Limited.

Mr. Muiz Bajwa Interacting with customers in Fairtrade NAPP stall.

Sundas Jameel, an engineer from Vision Technologies, participated as a key panelist, discussing the importance of breaking barriers for women in the workforce and highlighting Fairtrade NAPP’s contributions. Her participation was recognized with a Shield of Appreciation, symbolizing the impact of our collaborative efforts.

“We Exhibit 2024 was indeed an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to market their products and to create partnerships for sustainability and it could be more beneficial for the women workers within Fairtrade NAPP set up to boost their entrepreneurship skills.” – Malik Muhammad Jamil, Vision technologies and Deputy coordinator of Fairtrade NAPP, Pakistan.

Mr. Malik Muhammad Jamil

At the heart of this collaboration is the promotion of Fairtrade NAPP’s concept and initiatives, alongside the empowerment of women workers in industries and agricultural setups. By fostering collaboration and networking opportunities, Fairtrade NAPP aim to enhance business and entrepreneurial skills among women entrepreneurs. Given the opportunity, Fairtrade NAPP has decided to collaborate with Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sialkot in 2024 to promote women-led enterprises and integrating them into the national economic landscape. Fairtrade NAPP is in the process of booking a stall to showcase the fairtrade products and gain leads for potential consumers. This empowers Fairtrade women led business associated to become integral contributors to the country’s development.

Fairtrade NAPP is dedicated to championing women’s empowerment and fostering inclusive economic growth. Through partnerships like WE-Exhibit 24, Fairtrade NAPP continue to create opportunities for women entrepreneurs to thrive and contribute to a more equitable society. Join us in supporting women-led businesses and promoting fairtrade practices by choosing Fairtrade products for a brighter, more inclusive future.

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