Pic: KMPG Consultants interacting with Farmers

The investment of Fairtrade Premium is targeted at improving the social, economic, and environmental conditions of the farming community (farmers & workers). Deciding democratically on how the Premium is spent is a core requirement of the Fairtrade Standards.

In order to get a better understanding of the needs of the producers/ farmers, as well as the likely effects of being involved in the Fairtrade system- KPMG Norway was authorized by “The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD)” to visit some Fairtrade certified projects in India. The visit was organized and facilitated by Fairtrade Norway and NAPP.

KPMG is a global network of independent member firms offering audit, tax, and advisory services.

Pic: KPMG Team with Women Farmers

The objective was to visit the farming areas, factories, various Fairtrade premium and community development projects to assess overall Fairtrade impacts and the challenges therein. The focus was to actively engage with different actors across the cotton supply chain to understand the difference made by Fairtrade. After much deliberation and assessment, it was decided that they would visit 02 cotton producers in India.

Pic:Interaction with Farmers in Chotila, Gujarat

Meeting, interaction and interviews at Rapar and Dhrangadhra Farmer Producer Company – FLO ID 33573 with: –

  • Farmer members to understand their challenges and requirements, premium utilization, and overall changes brought by Fairtrade and future road map laid down by the members for further community development initiatives.
  • Management and workers to know their empowerment and benefits getting associated with Fairtrade.
  • Beneficiaries of premium projects -Digital School Initiative and its impact
  • Workers at Omax Spinning mill to understand the cotton supply chain,

Pic: KMPG Consultants with Mr. Shailesh, Rapar SPO along with School Principal

Pic: Digital School Project, Rapar

Meeting, interaction and interviews at Suminter India Organics Pvt Ltd- Surendranagar Farmers Producer Company Ltd. – FLO ID 18612 with: –

  • Lead Farmers at the Organization.
  • Beneficiaries of Premium Project – Underground Water Storage Tank, its impacts and utilization for the community; Scholarships at Disha Project and impacts in the lives of the students,
  • Farmer members to understand the Model Farm plot its value-added services for training other farmers, premium projects, its utilization, and impact, organic practices followed.
  • Hospital staff on health and related aspects to understand the FT initiative at their level, at the Primary Health Centre

Pic: Model Farm and Vermi Compost farm visit at Suminter

Pic: FT Farmer with KMPM Consultant, NAPP Consultant, Disha Scholarship Aspirant

Visitors Feedback or Output:

“Fairtrade Norway’s activities are considered highly relevant. It addresses a key challenge in international trade and development policy: empowering smallholder farmers and producers affected by climate change and effected by low prices and poor working conditions in the global economy. Fairtrade Norway’s volumes and premiums have a direct positive effect on end-beneficiaries and local producers by ensuring minimum prices for products and premiums that fund





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