As per the recent Govt. announcement, major businesses have resumed their activities in Pakistan. Following the directive, Sports ball factories in the country are gradually starting their productions under the Govt. policies.

Vision Technologies FLO ID 163 in Sialkot has started its operations with proper precautionary measures as per COVID 19 protocol for the protection of the health and safety of their workers.

Muhammad Jameel, Fairtrade officer mentions the concerns of the higher management towards the health and safety of all its workers and therefore the organization is extending maximum efforts to create awareness and protect its workers during the crisis.

Ali Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd.- FLO ID 20646 has developed Standard of Procedure to be followed strictly by the workers which will be a part of their daily work regime.

Bola Gema -FLO Id:33150 in Sialkot has distributed 20 Kgs flour for each of the worker’s families, which is sufficient to cover their need for a month. As per Waseem Lodhi, Managing Partner the Relief initiative was supported by the Fairtrade Premium.  Rizwan, Fairtrade Officer further confirms that all precautionary measures and social distancing were kept in mind during the distribution and the workers were also re-oriented on the importance of wearing masks and using hand sanitizers.










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