In Sri Lanka prior to the nation-wide curfew, Fairtrade tea producers were actively engaged in forming voluntary health teams and carrying out massive awareness programs to educate the workers to take preventive measures. During this nationwide curfew period, tea plantations are allowed to work and companies are offering work to their workers at one stretch from 7 am to 1 pm. Meanwhile, the Government has also provided dry rations worth of LKR 3,000/- (Euro 15) to workers under a special program where beneficiaries are required to bear half the cost. Fairtrade tea garden managements are in discussion with the workers on premium projects to undertake for workers’ benefit and support during the crisis.


  • Waltrim Estate

‘’Prior to the announcement of curfew Fairtrade Premium Committee of Waltrim Estate have paid Rs. 2500 (Euro 12) as a loan to our workers, we are also ready to provide dry ration packs worth Rs. 3000 (Euros 15) to them. The workers are given enough buffer time of 03 months for the loan repayment. Preliminary awareness programs have been carried out at fields; social distancing has been made mandatory.’’- S. RAVICHANDRAN (Welfare Officer)

Pics: Dry Ration distribution to workers at Waltrim Estate- HATTON PLANTATIONS LIMITED; FLO ID 18792 

Pics below: Awareness Program through medical practitioners at Waltrim Estate-HATTON PLANTATIONS LIMITED; FLO ID 18792


  • Dickoya Estate  

‘’All the estates in our region is under lockdown for 14 days due to a suspected case. The estate has received dry ration packs for its workers. We also have our in-house co-operative shop supplying the necessary provisions. The workers have not taken any decisions yet on the usage of the premium amount and it is expected to be spent in case of any challenges in the coming months.’’– R. Rameshwaran (Administrative Officer)

‘’The workers are provided with necessary food and medical supplies. Dettol, soap, sanitizers and mixing buckets were distributed to Workers Group. Five individuals who came to the estate from outside have been home quarantined. All the clinic records were collected and handed over to the government officials in order to procure medical supplies from the District Hospital. The estate dispensary is running short on basic medicines like Betadine, dressing materials, infant Syrups, etc. There is also a shortage of provisions and Protective gear for non-workers.’’– T. GNANAWANDER (Fairtrade Officer)


  • Vellai Oya Estate

‘’The estate is currently supporting the workers with its external grants. Fairtrade premium will be utilized later. The Govt. provisions for dry rations were distributed to the workers on 10th April. Tea harvesting is ongoing; however, we are not offering work during lean cropping periods. We still require enough masks and sanitizers. We will continue to conduct awareness programs. A one- meter distance is mandatory for workers while carrying out their work.’’- KANDASAMY YOGESHWARAN (FAIRTRADE OFFICER)

Pics below: One- meter mandatory distancing for workers ar Vellai Oya Estate-HATTON PLANTATIONS LIMITED; FLO ID 18792


  • Kenilworth Estate

‘’Apart from the awareness training the workers are provided with hand wash facilities, the surrounding facilities and households have been sprayed with disinfectants. Our No: 4 Division Field Officer and workers have provided a one-time meal to people who were unable to get food during the curfew time. The Fairtrade Premium committee has supplied ration worth Rs. 3000 (Euro 14) to each of the workers under the Premium project. The Approximate expenses accounted for 5289 Euros.’’-. L A L THILINI NUWANTHIKA (FAIRTRADE OFFICER)


Pics below: Distribution of ration to workers under the Premium project at Kenilworth Estate-HATTON PLANTATIONS LIMITED; FLO ID 18792


Pic below: Providing free meals to marginalized group in the Kenilworth Estate- HATTON PLANTATIONS LIMITED; FLO ID 18792



Stassen Natural Foods Pvt. Ltd; FLO ID 1550

  • Idulgashinne Bio Tea Project 

‘’Initial awareness training has been provided to our workers through health professionals. The workers continue to work in the field. An online Tea Auction has taken place for the first time and more business-related information can be expected shortly.’’- JUDE JOHN (DEPUTY MANAGER)


Bogawantalawa Tea Estates PLC; FLO ID 24265

  • Kotiyagala Estate

‘’Fairtrade Premium Committee has decided to consider a cash distribution of Rs. 5,000 (Euro 25) as a loan to its workers. It will be recovered within enough gap period of 05 months at an interest of 5%’’– MIHIRAJ SAMARAWEERA (SENIOR MANAGER)


  • Bogawanthalawa Estate

‘’We continue to provide work along with awareness training and Govt. provision of ration distribution worth Rs 3000 (Euro 15) to all our workers. The workers are also in discussion with the Premium Committee to take loans under Fairtrade Premium funds to survive through the crisis. Additionally, we have taken photocopies of government handbills and distributed to the workers to spread the awareness.’’– MURUGIAH SRIRAM (FAIRTRADE OFFICER)


  • Norwood Estate

‘’Our estate health and medical team have visited various divisions along with the field officers to impart awareness training and the estate management have made arrangements to supply necessary provision items to all the workers. Additionally, a load of coconuts has been distributed to workers. Much of the Fairtrade premium has been utilized for other projects during the first quarter hence not much balance left.’’– S. NAVANEETHAN (FAIRTRADE OFFICER)


  • Wanarajah Estate

‘’Necessary awareness training has already been carried out. We have provided locally produced masks to all the workers, and distributed coconuts and dry rations worth Euros 14 to the workers on credit. The estate is running short of hand sanitizers.’’-KUSAL WEERASOORIYA (SENIOR MANAGER)


Maskeliya Plantations Ltd.; FLO ID 1558

  •  Brunswick Estate

‘’We will continue to carry out the awareness programs at our fields and operations. The medical team is monitoring a group of 34 members who came to the Estate from outside. The management has provided Rs 1200 (Euro 6) worth of food packs to all the workers. The workers expect to take loans in cash from the Fairtrade Premium fund this month. We are still running short of masks and sanitizers for our health workers. The estate is currently facing challenges due to demand of work by workers in self-quarantine households. The estate is ready to offer work but there is a decline in the crop harvesting due to unfavorable weather.’’– A. ARULCHELVAN (Estate Medical Assistant)


Horana Plantations PLC; FLO ID 18010

  • Alton Estate

‘’The awareness training has already been conducted in the initial stage through the health and welfare team. We have made ration provisions for 06 families in the estate who have been identified by the management as under the poverty line. The Fairtrade premium committee is working on the requirements of our workers.’’– Anushan Thiruselvam (Assistant Manager)


Pics below Distribution of ration and coconuts to workers at Alton Estate-Horana Plantations PLC; FLO ID 18010


Pic bellow: Social distancing during ration distribution at Alton Estate-Horana Plantations PLC; FLO ID 18010




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