India currently has 112 Fairtrade certified producer organisations producing a diverse range of organic and Fairtrade-certified products such as coffee, tea, rice, cotton, sugar, herbs, and spices, etc. To provide a platform for the producers to network with like-minded people in the organic industry and to promote and showcase their products, Fairtrade NAPP participated in Biofach India with the funding support of the European Union. As Biofach India is the Leading Trade Fair for the Organic Industry in India, encompassing the entire Organic Products spectrum from production to consumption focussing on organic agriculture, products, and sustainability, it is an ideal platform for Fairtrade and certified organic producers to showcase their products, and build market connections.

The event was held in New Delhi from 6th to 8th Sep 2023. With the co-funding support of the European Union, NAPP exhibited a customised Fairtrade branded booth that demonstrated information about Fairtrade standards, services, producers, and products in the country to promote the concept and values of Fairtrade.


The event was attended by Sanjeet Singh Khurana, Executive Director of Fairtrade NAPP, Abhishek Jani- CEO of Fairtrade India along with representatives from Fairtrade NAPP and Flocert. 14 Producer Organisations from across India were supported through European Union Funding to participate at the event with a spacious booth of 48 sqm.


The main objectives of the participation were:

· Advocating and communicating about Fairtrade to generate interest among government, policy makers, civil societies, like-minded organisations, donors, commercial partners and consumers to support Fairtrade products and producers for the overall progress of the farming communities in India.

· Raising awareness about Fairtrade products and principles and promoting Fairtrade as a sustainable, ethical brand to the visitors.

· Informing and raising awareness on the positive changes and impacts created through Fairtrade in the lives of the farmers and workers by highlighting the various sustainable developments in the farming families and communities.

· Showcasing the range of Fairtrade-certified products and services in the region and differentiating them from competitor-offered products and services

· Sharing insights and experiences on sustainable and ethical agriculture.

· Providing a platform for Fairtrade producers and staff to obtain and improve their knowledge, to develop and expand their competencies and skills through the exposure.

· Introducing various services and sustainable development initiatives led by Fairtrade NAPP.

· Strengthening of current trade relations with Fairtrade India, Fairtrade producers and traders and creation of new trade relations between our producers and prospective traders, and buyers through Networking events, exhibitor meetings, etc which can subsequently aid in boosting the expansion of the market on Fairtrade terms.

· Engaging with potential buyers, retailers, and consumers and building a strong database of lucrative and potential leads and influential networks via face-to-face meetings with decision-makers who might otherwise be difficult to contact.

Participation and Activities:

The participation of Fairtrade NAPP involved several key activities:

Exhibition Booth: A spacious exhibition booth was set up displaying a wide range of Fairtrade-organic certified products, such as coffee, tea, organic spices & herbs, etc. This allowed visitors to interact with producers and understand the impact of Fairtrade.

Conference: To advocate and create awareness of Fairtrade, Mr. Tapan Ray from Pratithi Organic secured a slot at the Biofach Conference to speak on the Holistic organic journey from Philosophy to Trade. This educated the attendees about Fairtrade principles, sustainable agriculture practices, and its benefits for both producers and consumers.

Networking: Producer Representatives and team engaged in networking sessions to establish trade connections with potential buyers, retailers, and distributors.

Picture: Mr. Tapan Ray from Pratithi Organic speaking on Holistic Organic Journey from Philosophy to Trade.

Key Outcomes:

The participation of the Fairtrade Network of Asia and Pacific Producers at Biofach India yielded several significant outcomes:

a. Increased Awareness: The network successfully raised awareness about Fairtrade principles and products, contributing to a better understanding of ethical and sustainable trade.

b. Potential Leads: 70+ potential meetings were conducted with producers, commercial partners, traders, others for enhancing market access for Fairtrade-certified products.

c. Consumer Engagement: The interactive booth and informative workshops engaged consumers, leading to increased awareness for Fairtrade products and its impacts on ground.

d. Knowledge Sharing: Producers and attendees shared knowledge and best practices, strengthening the community of sustainable agriculture practitioners.


Competition: The organic market in India is highly competitive, and standing out requires continuous innovation and promotion.

Awareness: Lack of awareness among businesses, local traders, processors, govt bodies and farmer organisations about Fairtrade or its presence in India.


Regular Participation: Regular participation at such fairs can help boost the presence of Fairtrade NAPP and its services and products in India.

Growing Demand: The rising interest in organic and ethical products presents a significant growth opportunity for Fairtrade-certified products.

Collaborations: Collaborating with other organizations and government bodies can expand market reach and impact.


The Fairtrade Network of Asia and Pacific Producers’ participation at Biofach India has proven to be a successful endeavour. It has helped in increasing awareness of Fairtrade principles, building network with potential leads, and engaging with a wider audience. By addressing the challenges and seizing opportunities, Fairtrade NAPP can further strengthen its presence in the Indian market and promote sustainable and ethical trade practices.


“The Main objective of attending BioFach India was to explore the options of selling produce of the farmers other than cotton. I was able to explore the exhibition, visit the stalls and make contacts with other organic producers. This gave me insights into the functioning of other organizations in several commodities at the same time.

My insight is that most of the producers are working on multiple products and value-added products which are specific to their region. It is important to have an edge on the market trends and incorporate them to ensure the best profits for the farmers. Innovations are also very important. It can be in the alternate healthy recipes or any other Unique selling point. Trade Fairs such as BioFach help the producer organizations to meet at a single platform and learn of the latest developments and the new players in the market and collaborate for optimum benefits to the organization as well as the farmers.” – Ms Anjali Mittal, Pratibha- Vasudha Jaivik Krashak Kalyan Samiti.

“Being a producer organization, it was very beneficial for us. It provided us with a good platform to get insights into the market, emerging technologies, customer /consumer requirements and the presence and importance of Fairtrade and its certified products. We exchanged our experiences with other SPOs and learned some new things from each other that benefited us. Since our SPO is also certified as per organic standards. It was helpful to know about organic certification challenges and market trends of certified products.

Some key insights from the knowledge session such as rising consumer demand, focusing on transparency and traceability and government support and policy initiatives will be most helpful in the development of our SPO and empowerment of our farmer members. We also gained insight that our farmers can grow some short-term crops as intercrop which will give money in a short period to fulfil their daily needs. Trade fairs attract buyers and distributors seeking unique products that provide SPOs with opportunities for new distribution channels and contracts with major retailers. Additionally, media exposure at these events can feature SPOs in trade publications and news articles, amplifying their products and mission.” – Mr Tukaram Yadav, Bibidarfal Organi Farmers Co-Opp Society Ltd.

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