In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, staying ahead of the curve is vital to success. To equip individuals with the skills required to excel in this dynamic field, the Digital Content and Visual Storytelling for Marketing event was organized. Over 3 intensive days, 20 participants, with a remarkable 18 of them being youthful individuals aged 30 or below engaged in lectures, fieldwork, and practical applications to enhance their marketing skills. The event, initiated by the Fairtrade Network of Asia and Pacific Producers (NAPP), aimed to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary for creating impactful digital content and visual storytelling to connect with consumers and drive sales.

This youthful energy and enthusiasm brought a fresh perspective to the world of marketing. The opening day of the event began with an inspiring welcome address by Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales, Vice-Chairperson of Fairtrade NAPP, who emphasized the importance of promoting equality, inclusivity, and the role that the youth play in shaping the agricultural industry. Dr. Jose P. Rizal’s quote, “Youth is the future,” was aptly invoked to stress the potential that lies within the younger generation.

Agriculture is a complex industry with multifaceted processes and issues. The utilization of infographics and visual storytelling simplifies this complexity by presenting data and information in an engaging and accessible manner. Infographics use images, charts, graphs, and icons to convey data effectively. Visual storytelling takes it a step further by using images to narrate a story, making it a powerful tool in marketing agricultural products. The importance of these tools is evident in their ability to make information more accessible to a broader audience, including those without specialized knowledge in agriculture. The result is improved understanding among stakeholders, more informed decision-making, increased awareness about agricultural issues, and ultimately, the promotion of sustainable farming practices and increased sales for farmers.

On the second day, the participants embarked on a field visit to Sta. Cruz, Davao Del Sur, where they had the opportunity to interact with the community of Santa Cruz Organic and Fairtrade Farmers Association. Here, they conducted field shoots and interviews with farmers, gathering content for their digital storytelling and infographics. The picturesque locales of Promise Land in Balalan, Sta. Cruz, and Mt. Loay, Sta. Cruz, Davao Del Sur, provided breathtaking backdrops for their visual storytelling. After the field visit, the participants returned to the classroom for in-depth learning. They delved into the intricacies of film/video shooting and editing, using software like Audacity for audio enhancement and Capcut for video editing. This hands-on experience ensured that the participants not only understood the theory but could also practically apply what they had learned.

The event’s final day was marked by the presentation of the infographics and two-minute videos created during the training. The day kicked off with an energizing dance activity to set the mood, reflecting the dynamic spirit of the participants. Each group presented their work, explaining their creative process and the impact they aimed to achieve. The participants had the opportunity to express how they planned to use their newly acquired knowledge and skills. Their responses varied, but all underscored the importance of this training for their personal and professional growth. They mentioned their intent to continue practising infographics and digital storytelling for personal use, to develop marketing and promotional materials for their respective organizations, and to share their knowledge with peers. Many also expressed their intention to apply these skills in their work, studies, and other future tasks related to infographic design and digital storytelling.

The importance of this training became evident through the participants’ feedback. They recognized the digital landscape’s dominance and the need to stay updated with the latest marketing techniques. Some cited the potential for career growth and effectiveness in their roles, while others focused on the opportunity to help promote their organizations’ products more effectively. Overall, the training was vital in enhancing their knowledge and skill sets, ensuring they remained competitive in the digital marketing arena. The participants shared constructive feedback for improving future training sessions. These suggestions ranged from extending the duration of certain segments, and providing more hands-on activities, to adjusting the schedule to allow for a more in-depth focus on video editing. While each participant had unique suggestions, they all emphasized the need for continuous improvement to better cater to the evolving needs of the industry and the participants.

The Digital Content and Visual Storytelling for Marketing event was an exemplary initiative to equip individuals, particularly the youth, with skills essential in the dynamic field of marketing. The power of infographics and visual storytelling to simplify complex information and engage a wider audience was evident throughout the training. The practical application of these skills through field shoots and video editing ensured that the participants not only understood the theory but could also translate it into practice. The event’s significance lies in its role in preparing individuals for the digital age, where effective marketing hinges on engaging and visually compelling content. The participants’ enthusiasm and their plans to apply their learning in various ways illustrate the training’s impact and importance. In a world where digital content and visual storytelling continue to shape the marketing landscape, this event served as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, ensuring that these young minds are well-prepared to make their mark in the marketing industry. It also highlighted the importance of such initiatives in building a skilled and competitive workforce in a digital world.


‘As Fairtrade leader, I have high hopes for the young generation today. We need to continue to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in securing food stability and healthy generations. Infographics and visual storytelling training a powerful tools to help simplify the complexity of Agriculture activities by presenting data in a visually engaging way such as images, charts, graphs, and icons to convey information quickly and effectively. We hope that with this new skill, we they can utilize their creativity and improve our relationship with consumers.’ – Rosemarie Gonzales, Fairtrade Farmers Coconut Multipurpose Cooperative.

‘Thank you very much NAPP for the training. I have learned a lot. I appreciate the encouragement of the organizer to complete my infographic design even after the given time. The trainers are easy to follow and understand. Training is very practical and a lot of hands-on coaching about video editing. I wish there are more training like this in the future” – Aljon Atong LUMBA YO, Santa Cruz Organic Fairtrade Farmers Association(SCO FFA).

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