Businesses in Pakistan continue to remain open with the lifting of coronavirus restrictions by the Govt. Returning to work amidst the pandemic will need strict guidelines for workplace-level risk assessments and the implementation of preventive and protective measures for the safety of workers and employees.

Pic: In the picture, the medical practitioner conducts a ( PCR) swab test for one of the workers before starting the work 

Fairtrade sports ball in Sialkot gradually started scaling its production since June under the COVID-19 protocol. The management of Comet Sports has extended a very concrete step in creating a safe working environment for its workers. It has set up diagnostic tests for 278 workers. Most of their workers cannot afford such expensive tests by themselves, so the Factory management made provision for the tests by arranging doctor and laboratory staff in the factory premises. 

Returning to a working environment that has changed significantly because of the pandemic will require an appropriately safe and healthy work environment when resuming activities. The company has also distributed health kits to all workers containing sanitizers and energy boosters.

“Corona diagnostic tests for workers have boosted the employees’ confidence about coming back to work under such safety and care’’- Mr. Said Chaudhry, Fairtrade Officer Comet Sports

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