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Rural development in Sri Lanka: Rice and Spices from farm to market

By July 29, 2019 No Comments

SRI-PROM project is funded by FT Italy with ICEI Italy as an applicant. The main objective of the project is to develop new spice SPO supply chain and find market for Sri Lankan Fairtrade spices in Italy.

Several activities focussed on rural development in Sri Lanka have been planned to be carried out in the next 36 months under SRI PROM Project. These activities will be geographically spread across Ampara District of Estern Province, Monaragala and Badulla in Uva Province and Kandy in Central Provinces in Sri Lanka. The plans have been made keeping the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in focus. Trainings on agriculture good practices, providing input and technical support to small producers of rice and spices will cater towards fulfilment of SDG 2, SDG 8 and SDG 12.

NAPP is directly involved in providing guidance on Fairtrade certification to the new producer group. Activities like gap analysis, certification workplan, pre-audit and certification audit are already underway.


The activities also encompass diverse domains like business development for processing sites, building and strengthening producer associations, setting up a marketing strategy and encouraging commercial partnership for export of Fairtrade products from Sri Lanka.

The experience of Fairtrade Italy in the private sector engagement has be crucial in activities like market research on sustainable consumption to trace the market trends and build a strong strategy for the penetration of Fairtrade products from Sri Lanka. The service will be managed by an external professional agency. Business trips of company managers/buyers to Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan producers to Italy will also be facilitated in order to involve potential commercial partners and meet retailers and business managers.

There would be an estimated number of 300 spices producers (small producers who own less than 5 hectares of land) in the new spice SPO benefitted directly by this project and around seven existing Fairtrade certified spice SPOs benefitted indirectly.

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