Fairtrade NAPP consists of 15 Fairtrade certified coffee small producer organisations in India that produce both varieties of arabica and robusta coffee which are exported majorly to the EU and US and well accepted by the consumers globally.

With a focus to help the producers improve their quality and productivity,  a training on coffee production, processing, and post-harvest handling was organized by Fairtrade NAPP in partnership with the Coffee Board of India at the Central Coffee Research Institute, Karnataka on  28th and 29th March 2022. It was attended by members from  10 Fairtrade Coffee producers from Karnataka and Kerala, India.

The objective was to further enhance the capacity and knowledge of the coffee producers in good agriculture practices followed by coffee farmers nationwide. The methodology of the training comprised of both  Classroom and practical sessions for the Coffee Fairtrade farmers on Agronomy, (Coffee production), Varietal improvement, Soil Management, Pest and Disease Management, Nursery Management, Pruning Clonal and Grafting propagation, Harvesting methods, post-harvesting and processing techniques, Coffee Physiology, etc.

The sessions helped the farmers to have a better understanding of various production, processing, and post-harvest handling and provided a good opportunity for implementing improved production techniques.

At the end of the training, the SPO members were awarded with a certificate for  completing the Management training course on “Improved Production Techniques in Coffee”

It was an amazing training program for the Fairtrade farmers. The training outlined the latest/improved coffee cultivation and post-harvest practices. The classroom sessions were very informative, and we got the key information regarding the soil and agro-climatic requirements of coffee and Nursery management. It was a good opportunity to know more about the pest, diseases, and their management. The sessions were truly interesting and inspiring especially the field visits and practical sessions on pruning & handling, soil water conservation measures, and post-harvest management. We received ample knowledge on how to improve our crop quality through the training program. Thank you for making us more subject-oriented to deliver these training sessions to our farmers.

We would like to thank the scientists and staff of CCRI who were very patient in clearing our doubts and questions and tried their best to make the sessions very informative in a very short period of time. We also want to thank the NAPP board and the NAPP team who made the training session fruitful and productive for us. We look forward to attending more training sessions.

Sheena Susan Varghese- President HOWFFA; an all women Coffee Cooperative, Kerala


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