Pic : Fairtrade Team at the booth: Fairtrade Producer Networks, Fairtrade International, Fairtrade America and Canada

Fairtrade NAPP currently has 69 coffee producers across Asia and the Pacific region producing both varieties of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Among tradeshows worldwide, Specialty Coffee shows are seen as an all-inclusive event for every aspect of the coffee industry and benefit all coffee producers, professionals, and markets. With members located in more than 40 countries, SCAA represented different segments of the specialty coffee industry, including producers, roasters, importers/exporters, and retailers.

Every year Fairtrade NAPP along with other Producer Networks, and National and Fairtrade Marketing Organisations participates in the Specialty Coffee shows worldwide, to provide this platform for the coffee producers to market and promote their coffee to the global coffee lovers. The key objective of our strategy is to build visibility of and promote high-quality and ethically produced coffee beans from their origin in Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand.

Pic: Eaten Coop with Joao Mattos; Commercial Director of Coffee -Fairtrade Latin America and Alison Streacker, Coffee Manager -Fairtrade International

Since the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, the participation was limited owing to the health and safety of our producers coupled with several lockdowns and cancellation of major trade fairs.  With the new normal we resumed our participation in 2022 with the  Specialty Coffee Expo America (SCAA) in Boston, Massachusetts, from the 8th to the 10th, of April.

With the support of the Fairtrade International Coffee team, pre-trade fair briefings were organized for the producers to help them prepare for effective participation and make the most of the 03 days at the event.

Pic: Fairtrade NAPP Representtaives: Le Vu Thuy Dung- Eatan Cooperative; Vietnam  and Raghavendra Shastry ; Malenadu Savayava Krishi Parivar, India

Fairtrade NAPP was represented by 02 coffee producers in India and Vietnam as its ambassador who visited several booths to interact with potential exhibitors to introduce and promote Fairtrade coffee from the region.

It was great to finally meet the  Global Fairtrade coffee team and to be introduced to diverse companies,  coffee traders, and roasters. The responses to our coffee samples during the tasting and cupping session were good, it has also broadened my cupping knowledge. I, visited several booths and had good interactions with buyers, and managed to get some good business contacts. It was fascinating to see many new and interesting roasting equipment and exciting developments and innovations in the coffee industry. It was certainly a successful event for Fairtrade and my participation has been fruitful. I and my organization would like to say thank you to NAPP for providing this global opportunity.- Raghavendra Shastry ; Malenadu Savayava Krishi Parivar, India

There were more than 30 potential business meetings conducted by the producers with traders, companies, and exporters.

Private cuppings and tasting sessions were organized at the booth showcasing 04 coffee samples from Fairtrade NAPP which received some positive responses from the commercial partners and consumers.

While Marketing Linkages and business are the prime focuses of the Fairtrade NAPP Trade Fair strategy,  we also aim to build the capacity of our producer members and expand their competencies and skills through global exposure. The producers are encouraged to participate in various knowledge forums that provide access to information on current market trends, opportunities, new technology, standards, and certifications in agri-business and via networking with like-minded minds.

This year the producers attended two 02 key lectures at the event covering topics on – Pathways to Living Income: Transforming Supply Chains Towards Prosperity and Empty Cups: Climate Change and a Future Without Coffee

Through the Fairtrade exposure, my knowledge of coffee has expanded. I feel more confident to act as the face and voice of farmers & workers of our region and take accountability for successfully promoting coffee from the region. The trade fair participation has also helped develop my leadership and marketing skills to continue supporting NAPP and our producer members in achieving all its objectives for coffee shows. Once again, thank you to the NAPP team for granting me this opportunity and for your strong support.

Le Vu Thuy Dung- Eatan Cooperative; Vietnam


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