Workshop on production, harvest, post-harvest techniques and processing of Mango in India

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A workshop to provide insights on production, productivity, harvest, post- harvest techniques and value addition in Mango was conducted at Kolar, India in June 2019. This was organized in association with Karnataka State Mango Development and Marketing Corporation, keeping in mind the objective to build linkage and partnership with department of Horticulture for various benefits of Small Producer Organization (SPO) members. Eighteen participants from Mango Small Producer Organizations (SPOs) participated in this workshop.Mango experts from Centre of Excellence (COE) explained the participants regarding the activities of the centre and briefed them on joint Venture project the Centre of Excellence has with Israel government. Forty-nine varieties of Mangos grown were demonstrated during the programme while the high-density planting of Mango with Israel’s drip irrigation technology was the star attraction in the event. Grafting technology with different varieties of Mango was also explained to the participants.
Mango Development Centre (MDC) also pitched about the one-week on-site training programme for youth on production techniques in Mango which helps the youngsters to become entrepreneurs. The participating SPOs have also agreed to identify five youngsters from each SPO and send them for the training starting from mid-July.
Participants have also shown interest to purchase different varieties of Mango from the Mango Development Centre which sells different varieties of Mango at reasonable price for the farmers. MDC also sells a product called “Mango Special” developed by Indian Horticulture Research Institute which enhances the yield by 15 %. The water management techniques were a big attraction for the participants. They have assured that they would adopt the improved irrigation techniques in their farms.







The SPOs were also happy to gain knowledge on the preparation methods of various value-added products like Mango Bar, Mango Pulp, Mango Squash, Mango Pickle etc. Some SPOs had even expressed interest over setting up their own units on a small scale. While some other SPOs are considering to bring the fresh Mangoes to this MDC centre and get it processed so that they can sell under their own brand

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