On this World Day Against Child Labour, Network of Asia and Pacific Producers (NAPP) extends their support through its social media platforms, to voice out the messages from the Fairtrade Producers organizations in the Philippines, who come together to firmly take a stand against any form of Child Labour. We thank the producers for leading this noble effort!

Coco Davao Inc; FLO ID 37364 and Davnor Fairtrade Coco Farmers Association; FLO ID 38088

Our national hero, Jose Rizal once said, “The youth is the hope of our future.” To be part of a nation-building process, our children must grow in an environment where love, encouragement, and education exist. Coco Davao, Inc. and DFCFA are with the world against child labor in any form. We will continuously adhere to the existing laws and vehemently stand against child labor and/or forced labor, violence, abuses, and exploitation of young minds. Coco Davao, Inc. and DFCFA, with our member farmers and suppliers, ensure that all our activities starting from farming, delivery, production, and finished products do not involve young hands. As a FAIRTRADE organization, we will work based on the code of ethical standards.

 Dama Farm Workers Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association (DAFWARBA); FLO ID 29041

We, board members, members, harvesting group job contractors, staff and partners of DAFWARBA, commit to protecting children in our producer areas and surrounding community from any form of violence, abuse and/or exploitation that emerges from gender-based violence or other forms of violence, including child labour and forced labour.  We will take immediate protective action against any cases of alleged, suspected or identified violence, abuse, and/or exploitation concerning children in our farm operations or project areas. We set out guidelines, code of conduct and procedure that must be followed by DAFWARBA and its members and any person or organization that works with and on behalf of DAFWARBA.

As a  FAIRTRADE certified organization and member of the Network of Asia and the Pacific Producers (NAPP), we acknowledge that children may face or experience Gender-Based Violence or other forms of violence including child labour and forced labour in the communities where our members live and operate. However, we do not accept gender-based violence or any other form of violence, abuse, or exploitation and will work actively to avoid perpetuating such unacceptable acts. We will ensure that our production activity will not involve any form of labour practices or discrimination that is prohibited by Fairtrade standards for small producer organizations.

We, from DAFWARBA, ensure that the children are protected against any forms of violence including child labour and forced labour in our community and in the production area. As our effort and initiative to ensure child safety and protection, the Youth Inclusive Community Based Monitoring and Remediation (YICBMR) system was introduced that enables producer organization, farmers, workers, and the communities to tackle and take charge of issues around child labour, forced labour or gender-based violence through youth monitoring.

DAFWARBA and all the members of the community, strongly pledge to protect children from any form of violence, including child labour and forced labour.

Nakalang Farm Workers Association Inc. NAFWA; FLO ID 33613

We, the member of the Board of Directors and members of the Nakalang Farm Workers Association strongly show our support on the protection of children in our association and in the community from different forms or kinds of child labour.

As a certified Fairtrade organization, we object, or we do not allow child labour or any kind of violence in our association and in the community. We do not allow our children to engage in farm works that will put them at risk. The association ensures that its production was made without any discrimination.

Children are the hope of our nation. We should nurture them with proper care, attention, and the love they deserve. We should discipline them in a proper way so that they will grow as better individuals and productive citizens in the near future.

As a Fairtrade certified organization, we ensure the safety of the children against child labour. Children serve as our light in the dark and they are the hope of future generations.

Pandanon Integrated Balangon Farm Workers Association Inc. PIBFA; FLOID 33612The Pandanon Integrated  Balangon Farmers Association (PIBFA), officers and members, are committed to support and put an end to the Child Labour practices in our farming community and in the Philippines.  We are committed to observing the Republic Act 9231 – an act Providing for The Elimination of The Worst Forms of Child Labor And Affording Stronger Protection For The Working Child.  We believe that child labour is a crime and we as adults should do our best to protect them from any harm.  We believe that children should be given a safe place, nutritious food, and a healthy environment. Children should not be forced to do a job that interferes with his or her studies. While we want our children to learn farming and house chores at a young age, we do not want to limit their time and capacity to learn other valuable things, enjoy their childhood, and make friends. We believe that children who are free from the burden of child labor can fully realize their potential and their rights to adequate education, leisure, basic liberty, and healthy development. We want to build a community that protects the right of every child.

Therefore, we are committed to ending the worst forms of child labour. We will not tolerate any form of harassment or violence against children whenever and wherever.

Maria Cecilia Farm Workers Association (MACFAWA) Inc.; FLO ID 33614

”Today, one of the challenges faced by farmers in Negros especially the ones involved in sugarcane plantations are issues of child labour. One of the main reason that forces children to work on farms is due to the low and insufficient income of their parents. We, the farmers working in a privately owned sugarcane land before, had a painful experience of abuse of our rights and unacceptable child labour practices. Despite this difficult situation, we were determined and united to claim the land that we are cultivating through Agrarian Reform. The land was awarded to us and we have applied the collecting farming technique in managing our farm. Equal recognition, equal share, and no abuse of the rights of anyone. We, in MACFAWA and our organization, support the advocacy to stop child labour and are committed to ending child labour practices.

“Sugar is sweeter without Child Labour”. Thank you and Mabuhay!!!”- Antero Embang- Chairperson of MACFWAFA  

Hiniusang Mag-uuma Sa Balingasag Consumers Cooperative




NOTE: NAPP commits to TAKE PREVENTIVE ACTIONS in favour of the well-being of children and vulnerable adults, AND WHEN NECESSARY, PROVIDE SUPPORT LEADING TO PROLONGED PROTECTION in each case of abuse or exploitation, including the worst forms of child labour or forced labour that might present itself in the context of Fair Trade production in this continent (Asia and the Pacific). With these actions, NAPP seeks to actively protect children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults from any harm, and to promote the full exercise of the Rights of children and vulnerable adults to protection. We take seriously our responsibility to promote practices that are safe for children and for vulnerable adults and to act to protect them from all forms of mistreatment, abuse, and exploitation of any kind. In addition, we promise to take action to protect children and adults who report abuses or exploitation.

To know more about NAPP Policy on Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults click HERE




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