Program Development Workshop

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A Program Development Workshop was organised in December in Bengaluru, India. The workshop saw the participation of Associates and Principals from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and Philippines. The intent of the workshop was to understand how an associate could work with the producers to not only support them in their Fairtrade certification process but also partner them in their journey to sustainability. The program started with participants sharing their country analysis and picking a cluster to go into their specific needs.

Bettina Von Redden from NFO Germany along with Meenakshi Gairola from NAPP facilitated the workshop and took the participants through needs analysis, logical framework, indicators, activity budgeting and finally shared the funding aspect of the program. Thanks to the preparatory work done by the participants they could apply their learning to the producer clusters they represented. Climate change, member involvement and governance, gender were some of the challenges that were discussed through a program development lens.

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