Visit of National Fairtrade Organisation to

Fairtrade Certified Cotton and Spice Producer Organization in South Asia !!

Fairtrade Czech Republic and Slovakia along with 05 Media channels from Czech Republic recently conducted a visit to the projects of FT Certified Cotton Producer and FT Certified Spice Producers from 15th to 19th Jan 2019 in India.

Cotton and spices have gained popularity among the consumers in Czech Republic over the years. Therefore, the main aim of the visit was to mainstream the good practice of Fairtrade system and to create connect between the consumers and the famers/ workers that are involved in its production. The visit emphasized on some of the critical issues faced by farmers and workers in the industry and how joining the Fairtrade Movement has benefitted them.

Click on the link below to a wonderful series brought by Czech National Radio  on how Fairtrade works in India and for the benefit of Indian farmers!

1. Introductory part with focus on the issues of growing cotton and spices, principles of Fairtrade, examples of projects financed by Fairtrade premium ( 11th Feb 2019)

2. Fairtrade premium projects and its impact (12th Feb 2019)

3. Benefits of Fairtrade for coffee growers (13th Feb 2019)

4. Plant Ayurveda – the method of using less pesticides and protecting crops (14th Feb 2019)

5. Everything you need to know of Fairtrade spice production (15th Feb 2019)

6. Summary of the visit




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