A Pre- Fairtrade Certification audit training was conducted by NAPP for a coffee co-operative ‘ Green Gold Cooperative’ in Myanmar on 1st March 2019.

The Farmers were given training on Fairtrade standards, Organisation Development, Democratic Functioning, Protection of Children and Vulnerable adults and other required programs.


Since its creation in 2015, Green Gold, which now comprises 968 farmers, has worked together with UNODC to acquire knowledge and expertise about the coffee business. Due to an increase in the engagement from the Cooperative farmers post the intervention of NAPP, the UNODC staffs have requested for more regular trainings for the Cooperatives.

Molongo, a Fairtrade buyer from France who has already sourced 1 container of non-FT certified coffee in 2018, now plans to source 2 container of FT certified coffee in 2019.

The Coffee will be launched in Paris on 22nd March under the brand name of ‘Shan’. The launch will be attended by Secretary General of UN along with dignitaries from EU Parliament and members of Cooperative.

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