The training was organised by NAPP for 19 members from 03 small producers organisations in Karnataka India to help them gain knowledge on various value-added preparation methods for making mango bars, pulps, squash, pickles, etc, and also to raise awareness among them for adopting improved irrigation methods and effective water management techniques for mango for export purposes.

The training was facilitated by the Mango Development Centre who provided insights on high-density planting, production, harvest, post-harvest handling, and processing (value addition) mangoes, and demonstrated different varieties of mangoes with high density and ultra-high-density planting for their productivity potential and price.

Some of the key benefits from the training were:

The Mango Development Centre Is conducting a regular training program for youths on various production techniques in Mango.  This helps the youths to become entrepreneurs under the skill development program (which is also a part of the Skill Council of India). It is a 1-week on-site program where the participants will stay on the campus and get trained and will upon completion of training receive a certificate from the Mango Board. The producers mentioned they could make use of this opportunity and were asked to identify 5 youths from each organisation and send them for the training.

The Centre of Excellence produces different varieties of Mango nursery plants and sells them at subsidized prices to the farmers. Fairtrade farmers have shown interest to purchase plants and different varieties of mangoes from the center.

The Centre of Excellence also sells products called “Mango Special” developed by the Indian Horticulture Research Institute which enhances the yield by 15 % which the farmers can procure to increase their productivity.

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