Workshop on Production, Harvesting , Post-harvest handling and processing in Mango in South Asia

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A Workshop on Production, Harvesting , Post-harvest handling and processing in Mango was held in India, South Asia at ‘Centre of Excellence for Mango’, for 19 Fairtrade Small Producer Organisations.

Objective of the Programme:-

To provide insights on production, productivity, harvest, post- harvest technique and value addition in Mango.
To know different Varieties of Mango , its productivity potential , price and ;
To build linkage and partnership with Department of Horticulture for various benefits for SPO members

Linking to NAPP goals:

Building the benefits to small farmers- by increasing their production and productivity
Increasing income by growing different varieties of Mango and value addition
Enabling new generation- Involving youth in agriculture

Outcome /Impact of the Programme:

Mango Development centre conducted a regular training programme for youths on various production techniques in Mango. This helps the youth to becomes entrepreneurs under skill development programme (Which is also a part of Skill council of India) . It is a 1 week on site programme where the participants will stay on the campus and get trained. Mango Board will issue the certificate for the participants upon completion of training. This can be utilized well by the SPO for skill training for their youths. The Participants will identify 5 youths from each SPO and send them for training starting from mid july.
Mango development Centre sells different varieties of Mango at reasonable price for the farmers. Farmers can utilize the opportunity to purchase plants from the Centre. Participants have shown interest to purchase different varieties of Mango from the centre. They will approach the centre shortly for their requirement.
Mango development Centre sells a product called “Mango Special” developed by Indian Horticulture Research Institute which enhances the yield by 15 %. SPOs have shown interest to purchase the product. One of the SPOs purchased 10 Kgs on the day of the programme.
Water management techniques have attracted the SPOs. Participants have assured that they will adopt improved irrigation techniques in their farms.
SPOs felt happy to gain knowledge on various value added products preparation methods for preparing Mango Bar, Mango Pulp, Mango Squash , mango Pickle etc.They have expressed their interest in setting up their own unit on a small scale. Some SPOs has also opted to bring the fresh Mangoes to this centre and get it processed so that they can sell in their own brand

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