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The Guardian

Meet India’s female ‘seed guardians’ pioneering organic farming

The ‘seed guardians’ of Odisha are pioneering new ways of sharing and storing seeds to reap a more sustainable future. Read more here.

How a successful collective of smallholder farmers in India is showing the way

A not-for-profit group of small-scale farmers in India is succeeding where others have failed – what is the Fair Trade Alliance Kerala doing right? Read more here.

The Hindu

Marrying fair trade and organic ware

Bags and clothes made of organic cotton, organic tea products, spices and food grains were exhibited at the Water Sustainability and Fair Trade Market in Puducherry, organised by Fair Trade Twin Towns Puducherry and Auroville, on Friday. Read more here.

The Indian Express – Foodie

Bake a Totapuri aamras cheesecake this weekend

In 2009, 91 farmers from the region came together to form the SMGA co-operative and got themselves Fairtrade certified.. Reade more here.

Fibre 2 Fashion

Face 2 Face

Coyuchi supports Fairtrade, and have one of our towel collections, Air Weight, where organic cotton and cut or sew are certified as Fairtrade. – Read more here.

The Economic Times

How organic farming and right prices are helping Kerala farmers

Fair trade as a concept recognises the skewed market, and tries to appeal to the buyer’s sense of justice. It rests on the principle of consumers supporting producers directly and a willingness to pay more than the conventional market price in exchange for healthier products. Read more here.

The Times of India

450km walk for Pondy, Auroville fair trade towns

The call for making the Union territory of Puducherry and Auroville fair trade twin towns has started gathering momentum and organisations, entrepreneurs and activists advocating fair trade practices organised a 450-km walk by activist Pushpanath Krishnamurthy to garner support and create awareness among the all sections of people on fair trade practices. Read more here.

Your Story

How ethical is fashion in India?

Abhishek Jani, CEO of Fairtrade India, sheds some light on how this sector negatively impacts farmers who are at the beginning of the production chain, and also the most vulnerable to fluctuations in mass production. Read more here.


Buy Fair

If you’re keen to give back to India’s farmers, shop for Fairtrade India’s products that are now available in stores across the country and online. Read more here.

The New Indian Express

Fashion Lovers Wear Clothes Inside Out to Support Farmers

About 30,000 Fairtrade-certified cotton farmers earn a better price for what they grow, and are invited to invest in their communities and their farms. Read more here


Viet Nam News

Savvy coffee growers get fair price abroad

The farmers have become the first in the Central Highlands – the country’s main coffee-producing region – to have built their own Fairtrade accredited processing mill handling semi-washed Robusta. Read more here